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Linsey and Jonathans Mar Hall Wedding

Tuesday, January 22 2019

Mar Hall Wedding

You always hear about weddings from the bride’s perspective, but what about the groom? We spoke to one of our grooms, Jonathan, to hear his take on the wedding. We wanted to know if he was involved in the wedding planning, what it was like seeing his future bride walking down the aisle etc.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what goes through the mind of a groom in the lead up to his wedding.

It all started with the proposal…

It took Jonathan nearly a year to save for the perfect ring. His partner, Linsey, hadn’t given him much indication, so he took a leap of faith and popped the question at Loch Lomond, on the beach just outside Cameron House. Thankfully, Linsey loved the ring, but more importantly, she said yes!

Jonathan assured us that proposing was the easy bit… it was going to get a lot harder!

“I got some advice from my father-in-law which turned out to be very true. He told me: just remember, you don’t have an opinion anymore. Your answer from now on is ‘yes dear’.”

Planning the wedding…

“I would like to say I helped a lot with the wedding planning… but when I look back, I probably didn’t help as much as I could have (I imagine most men would say the same!)”  Leaving the decoration and planning of the wedding to Linsey, Jonathan’s role was mainly financial planning and trying to keep to the budget.

“Its fair to say, my wife was much more knowledgeable on the whole process than I was!”

Mar Hall saved the day !

How did you choose the wedding venue?

“As I had proposed at Cameron House and we loved the area, we felt there was nowhere better for our small, intimate wedding.”

The venue was booked, the date was set, but unfortunately, as many of you will know, there was a tragic fire at Cameron House in December. In the January, with only 5 months to go until the wedding, it was confirmed that they would need to find a new venue. Cameron House were brilliant at putting them in touch with other venues and before long, they had chosen Mar Hall.

And Mar Hall did not disappoint!!

“At no extra cost, Mar Hall transferred the entire contract and provided such an eloquent, intimate wedding that we knew we had chosen wisely. We honestly can’t thank everyone enough at Mar Hall for giving us the best possible wedding – one we could never have dreamt of.”

Why did you choose a small, intimate ceremony?

“Originally, Linsey was keen for a big, white wedding. However, after attending a few friends’ weddings, the fear started to creep in and we both decided we would like a small, intimate wedding.”

This worked perfectly for Jonathan and Linsey, as it meant they could have close family and the partners of the best man and maid of honour – it was definitely preferable to standing in front of a large crowd to tie the knot!

“I would say it was brilliant! It eased our nerves as you are not standing in a room full of people, but instead it’s like a small gathering or a family party… Also, being in charge of the finance of the wedding, it was a great way to keep the cost much lower!!”

After the ceremony, evening guests arrived for the party. Jonathan said it was simply jaw dropping to see how different it was having that many people arrive. It worked well though, because the evening guests didn’t have to hang around all day, but instead got to get dressed up and enjoy themselves at the evening party.

Were there any ‘near disasters’?

“The whole day I was feeling calm and composed… that is, until the dreaded moment when I thought I had forgotten to bring the ribbons for the ‘tie the know’ part of the ceremony!”

Sheer panic. “It was the one thing I had been tasked with, so I was ready to jump in the car and drive home again to try find them.”

However, luckily for him, the staff at Mar Hall quickly came to the rescue, and told him that his future wife had made the ‘executive decision’ to bring the ribbons down the night before so they weren’t forgotten.

With a massive sigh of relief, it all went well after that.


Some advice from Jonathan for future grooms:

“Don’t send your father-in-law to the bridal room to find out any information – particularly if he’s likely to be side-tracked by talking to every man and his dog on the way!!”

What was it like seeing your future wife walking down the aisle?

“Linsey’s smile is always the first thing you notice about her. As she walked down the aisle, I remember thinking how happy she looked. Then that made me smile and I took in just how beautiful she looked. I realise how lucky I am to marry someone whom I love so dearly.”

Now, let’s talk photography! What made you choose 1500 Photography?

“It was Linsey who first met Stuart at the SEC wedding fair. I wasn’t at the fair, because you would honestly have to bind my feet and gag me to get me there. But afterwards, she told me all about Stuart and I looked at his website and I was very impressed.”

“After that, we bumped into Stuart and Gillian again at a mutual friend’s wedding and, to be honest, it was just like talking to a friend rather than a business relationship. It was this friendliness that made us chose 1500 Photography

“Stuart understood our needs right from start to finish – we simply couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

How was working 1500 Photography?

“”Working” isn’t how I would describe it. It never felt like work, it was the most natural thing – and normally I can’t stand having photos taken of me. Stuart was genuinely so good at his job that I forgot I was getting photos taken for my wedding.”

“If Stuart and Gillian were not there as our wedding photographers, I would gladly have had them both there as guests, because even after the wedding, I still consider them both as friends – I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful photos and incredible memories we will cherish.”

Relaxed Natural Photography

Did you have any fears about the photography beforehand?

“I definitely had fears of what ‘wedding photography’ entailed. I’d been to weddings before where groups of people are being called over and sent away for pictures all day long. However, in the run up to the wedding, after a couple of meetings with Stuart, I was completely reassured that he was not so regimented and would be more flexible about our photographs. His approach was more about seeing a good opportunity for a photo and capturing that, rather than running through a checklist.”

After the wedding, how did you feel when you first saw the pictures?

“The first thing I noticed was how detailed the images were. One of my favourite pictures is of Linsey and I holding hands, with Mar Hall in the background (below). We now have this hanging in our living room – so we can appreciate it everyday.”

“We also found out that we are expecting a baby – due in April 2019! We are actually going to get Stuart to photograph our new addition to the family. There’s also a frame we saw 1500 Photography do before, it shows the ‘tying of the knot’ above a baby photo and we are really keen to get that when the time comes.”

Looking back, what’s the most memorable part of your wedding day?

“Getting to see an incredible 8 year relationship turn into an ever-lasting bond with the simple words “I Do.” It felt like it took a lifetime to get to say those words, but I’m ecstatic that I’ll have the rest of our lives together to enjoy that moment.”

We would like to thank Linsey and expecially Jonathan for such lovely words. It was a real pleasure to be a part of their day and we are delighted to hear of their good news. Please do contact us is you are thinking of your own Mar Hall wedding and let us talk you through a few ideas to help you plan and enjoy the perfect day Contact Stuart at 1500 Photography or Tel 0141 280 1500

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