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How much does wedding photography cost?

Don’t you hate it when you click on a ‘wedding photography price’ link and find more waffling text?

Not all photographers are “photographers” 

The variation on Wedding Photography Prices is astonishing (even to me!). Every photographer has a different level of experience and skill and charges accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no ‘minimum standard’ in wedding photography and no legal requirements across the field. However, many of us take it upon ourselves to undertake training, have our work judged by our peers, invest in the best equipment, accredit ourselves with a  professional body and make sure that we fully insure both for public and personal liability (very important if your wedding is taking place in a National Trust site).  This is my full-time profession and has been for over 20 years. So you know that when you call or email, it’s me that answers. It’s me that shoots your wedding and it’s me who will design the album etc.  So now that the lecture is over

Actual wedding photography prices (sales pitch with £ signs)

Each couple is different and each wedding is unique, that is why I will work with you to make your wedding photography specific to you. See the painstaking steps we take here to make sure your wedding photography is outstanding.

Our prices start from £1295.
Our most popular album package is around the £1500 but the prices range from £995 to £2495 (inclusive)
Recently we launched a stunning little “Legacy Box” which has been exceptionally popular costing just £1395
Unless of course, you are having a more ‘intimate’ mid-week weddings where we will create a bespoke package and price for you. Before anything else, you have to like the images first. If you do like my pictures then please – talk to me. Get in touch, tell me your date and let me know your plans. Then we can work together to ensure that your wedding photography will make you feel amazing. Check out our 5-star reviews on Facebook and on Google and read our customer testimonials here.

Why should you book me?

Or drop us a line here for a full list of prices and to check availability