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Stuart Wood is a Glasgow wedding photographer who specialises in weddings in throughout Scotland, Glasgow & Loch Lomond. He has worked at almost every wedding venue in Glasgow but is renowned for his Cameron House and Loch Lomond Weddings. Like all wedding photographers, he tends to talk about himself in the third person when writing web content.
All of these pictures are from real weddings with real couples (real couples like you!) Please check out my most recent work on my blog and please do get in touch if you like what you see.

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Have a look at some of my most popular posts, weddings and advice for future bride and grooms (or brides and brides / grooms and grooms)

20th February 2020
So this is going to be a little different from just about any other blog post I have ever done. This is a proper story. Its going to be in two parts and its especially for those of you who may feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. Kat may have been one of the most reticent brides to be I had ever met. This is James and Kats story
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9th March 2020
I was the lucky enough to be the Boclair House Wedding Photographer for Lynn and Stuarts Wedding over the summer. A cracking couple on one of the best days of the year and a special cameo from Enzo the cat!
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26th February 2020
Investing the time in an engagement shoot can pay off massively, especially if you are nervous in front of the camera. Part 2 of our story of Jame and Kat who went from reluctant subjects to absolutely 'owning' Edinburgh on their wedding day.
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