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Stuart Wood is a Glasgow wedding photographer who specialises in weddings in throughout Scotland, Glasgow & Loch Lomond. He has worked at almost every wedding venue in Glasgow but is renowned for his Cameron House and Loch Lomond Weddings. Like all wedding photographers, he tends to talk about himself in the third person when writing web content.
All of these pictures are from real weddings with real couples (real couples like you!) Please check out my most recent work on my blog and please do get in touch if you like what you see.

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Have a look at some of my most popular posts, weddings and advice for future bride and grooms (or brides and brides / grooms and grooms)

29th January 2020
Shirley and Steves Loch Lomond wedding at Lodge on the Loch was just a beautiful day. We didnt see much of the outdoors on a very inclement day but it hardly mattered. All the warmth was inside with an amazing couple
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17th February 2020
I was delighted to be chosen as Lynn and Alans Cruin Wedding Photographer. On the day we had a cameo from Penny, (the couples dog), high winds, rain and wonderful sunshine - all within the same hour!
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6th February 2020
Nicola and Gareth House for an Art Lover wedding. Another wedding where the dress was supplied by our friends at The Wedding Planner in Helensburgh and the bride absolutely shone
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