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Natural Relaxed Wedding Photography

My Style

I picked up my first camera in 1984. The 80’s were a great era for weddings. The fashion at the time was for puffball sleeves, big hair & flowers everywhere – looking back it’s easy to smile at those pictures, but they were cutting edge at the time.  Today, they cannot help but look a little dated.
As they say fashion fades, style is eternal (yes I’m talking to you, Mr Man Bun).

I like to create timeless wedding pictures – that look beautiful no matter the decade (yes, even 30 years from now).


Well, with over 20 years experience in wedding photography and a stack of awards (including MPA Wedding Photographer of the Year), I’d like to think I’ve become pretty good at creating images. I don’t just point my camera and click away (we call that ‘spray and pray’ in the trade). I visualise the finished article before I’ve even taken the shot, employing these 5 key techniques;

Good photography practice

Every element in a photograph should be there for a reason and carefully constructed to get the most beautiful picture possible but in a way that means you get natural relaxed wedding photography without even knowing.

Stunning features

That wasn’t accidental.  Few things in my pictures are accidental or by chance. I always meet with my couples before the wedding – and we meet again at the venue prior to the wedding. This means I can get a good look around; find out from you what style you like, things you like in the room etc. Then I can plan exactly how to artistically use it as a feature in your photographs. In this case, the incredible stained glass at One Devonshire Gardens.

Camera shy?

Trust me. I am not a huge fan of getting my picture taken either. But this is where my skill & experience comes in to play – getting you to relax in front of a camera. I give gentle encouragement and ‘direction’ to help you look your absolute best in the photographs. Choosing the right lens to compliment your features and making sure the light hits you ‘just right’ It’s not about being posed or staged; it’s a gentle art direction to get the most beautiful photographs possible. When you look amazing in the pictures, you will feel amazing in front of the camera.

Picture perfect

Every picture that I take is edited and perfected. Whether it’s correcting the colours, cropping the image or removing that spot on the bridesmaids chin, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my photography (obviously!) I’ll even go as far as swapping heads to eliminate blinks and employ just a little cosmetic retouching to help you (all) look incredible. Just one more thing you don’t need to worry about.


It will feel natural, trust me

These skills, my commitment to do the best possible job and my years of experience mean that I’ve learned how to construct the image, and visualise the end photograph before I even lift the camera to my eye. Heck I have already imagined most of your wedding album not to mention how incredible you will look on the day.

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