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10 Crucial Questions you need to ask your Wedding Photographer

Thursday, January 31 2019

10 Answers to those crucial wedding photographer questions

Over the last few weekes you may have picked up one of our cards at a wedding show with these 10 questions that every bride, groom and photographer, should know the answer to. In fact, use these questions to start a conversation with any wedding supplier. 99.9% of professionals will be delighted to chat to you about their professionalism and commitment to you and your wedding.

1. Can I see a complete wedding ?

You want to see a consistent high standard of photography, from bridal prep to end of the night. These days anyone – and I mean anyone – can take a great picture. But can they do it shot after shot after shot when it really matters. All photographers put their best work (greatest hits) up on their website. But satisfy yourself that they are consistently great (and not just lucky)

2. Is this your full time job or a hobby ?

Everyone starts somewhere and there are plenty of part time photographers out there doing an amazing job. But this questions speaks to their commitment. Will they definitely be there on the day? What if they get called into their day job? What if you need to speak to them on a Wednesday morning? I use the analogy that when you go on honeymoon, who do you want to fly your plane? The weekday accountant with a ‘passion’ for flight ?
Or the professional pilot who has experienced and practiced every eventuality?

3. Are you accredited to a professional body ?

This speaks directly to question no 5 too. I and many of my colleagues regularly put our work forward for peer review and have it judged to make sure that we are maintaining a high standard (see awards etc). It also mean that we have to have already hit a minimum standard of customer care and photographic quality. There is a network of professional photographers across the country affiliated with the MPA, BIPP and Guild. Worth 2 minutes if investigation to make sure your photographer has backing and endorsement from a professional body

4. May I contact a previous client for a reference ?

What was the experience of other couples who have used this photographer. How do they feel about the service they received and would they be happy to recommend ? I would love this to happen and I think every photographer would love this too. You can see our wedding photography testimonials here

5. Are you fully insured ?

Trust me. As someone who watched the tragic events at Loch Lomond unfold and seen the number of wedding plans disrupted I am very keen that everyone has insurance all the time. I have public and personal liability up to £5 million. It will cost you something like £80-£150
Its also something I would recommend every couple look into wedding-insurance

6. Can we meet at the venue pre wedding

I think this is essential. I want to know what you like about the venue, what made you book it, where do you want to work and how do we formulate a plan B for not such great weather. You simply cannot beat that interaction ‘live’ at your venue.

7. Will it be ‘you’ taking our pictures?

Some studios have a ‘staff’ or ‘pool’ of photographers that they use. If you are investing serious money with a company, its only right that you speak to the photographer designated to your wedding and see their (full) portfolio. With 1500 Photography its me, professional photographer Stuart Wood

8. What happens if you are ill ?

See no 4. I work within a professional network of photographers in the MPA. We are all in competition with each other but we all look after each other too. Should anything to me (and it would have to be a massive event to stop me shooting your wedding) then there will be A.N. Other photographer at the wedding n my place. Equally qualified but obviously not as good 😉

9. What do you wear to a wedding ?

Usually a 3 piece suit. God forbid anyone EVER turns up at a wedding in a branded polo shirt or looking like the drummer from an indie band.
Look professional, act professional has always been my attitude at a wedding

10. But what if I hate getting my picture taken ?

That is a very good question and I have a very very good answer for you. But let me address it first with some of these pictures…..

Wedding photography for people who hate getting their picture taken

What do you think of my checklist? Do you think this covers everything?
I would love to hear from you so make a comment below, share this post with your friends or contact me here 

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