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Sarah and Kevins Boturich Castle Wedding

Friday, December 2 2016

Sarah and Kevin’s wedding at Boturich castle won our wedding shot of the year last year.

I am always a wee bit surprised to see how many photographers shoot at Boturich and how differently they shoot it. I cannot understand however why everyone doesn’t shoot a sunset picture here. It is without a doubt, probably one of the most stunning areas in Scotland to watch the sun go down.

As everything was taking place at the castle it was a great opportunity to get pictures of both the boys and the girls pre wedding. We did have a slight delay on the day as young Aimee , the brides daughter, wasn’t really too happy about all the fuss. After a few soothing minutes with mum we made our way to the marquee for the ceremony. Sarah and Kevin exchanged beautiful vows, rich in sentiment, high in emotion and with the couple’s son Kyle standing by their side and Aimee on her mum’s hip throughout ! It really was a family wedding.

Boturich Castle is righ on our doorstep and a venue we love to shoot at.
If you would like to see more examples of our work from this venue then please get in touch.
I can show you how we work in stunning sun but also, what we do if the weather is ‘temperamental’ on the day

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