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Nadine and Calum’s Lochgreen Wedding

Wednesday, March 20 2019
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Lochgreen Wedding

Nadine & Calum Tell Us About Their Special Day

It’s always lovely to look back through our past weddings – it gives you the chance to relive it all over again. Nadine and Calum’s day was such a beautiful and special occasion that we just had to share it with you. We got on really well and keep in touch, so we got the very beautiful Nadine (say it ‘Nah-deen’) to tell you all about her big day.

First things first, choosing the wedding venue

Loch Green was an easy choice for us. Firstly, we’d always wanted a Costley and Costley venue (they are renowned for their weddings!), but also, it’s the sister hotel of where we got engaged – the Highgrove House.”

This is actually quite a funny story – one that didn’t quite go to plan, but then, when do plans ever go as expected? Calum had bought the ring (one that Nadine had subtly sent him a picture saying ‘this one!”), and planned to propose over dinner at Highgrove House. Much to his dismay, the restaurant was the busiest it had ever been and they were sat at a glass table – there goes the idea of discretely getting the ring box out of his pocket. But, he did manage and Nadine said yes!


As with most weddings, the lead up to the day was both exciting and stressful. There’s the usual organising and planning, but both Nadine and Calum come from really big families – so it was not going to be a small wedding. In amongst all that, Nadine’s sisters also had graduations, school proms etc. – and don’t get started on the stress of finalising the seating plan.

Stresses aside, there were so many elements of the wedding that were great.

“The venue and the dress were the most important factors for me (and the photographer obviously). My bridal shop, Opus Couture, was perfect and lived up to their name, taking amazing care of everything. We had a family friend, Joan, perform the humanist ceremony and it was so intimate and special.”

What about photography? What made you choose 1500?

“Calum had spent hours trawling through the Internet trying to find the best photographer. Then, on the VOWS website he stumbled across 1500 Photography and loved the style of the photographs.”

“It was important to us to get the style just right. We wanted something elegant, yet different – something that would really take your breath away.”

We got in touch and set up a meeting – because all good things start with a coffee.

“Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Stuart, we knew that he was the photographer we wanted to shoot our wedding. He instantly made us feel at ease – it was genuinely like we were old friends. He knew exactly what we were after and was just about as enthusiastic as we were for our big day.”

Tell us more about your day

“It was a really hot day for Scotland (26 degrees!!), and my bridesmaid and I were getting ready at the house, taking it in turns to be outside sunbathing and getting our hair and make up done. Before we knew it, Stuart had arrived and was saying ‘it’s time to get into your dress’.”

“I remember standing with my sister once everyone was ready. She took hold of my hands and said “you’re getting married!” and just like that, all of a sudden I was crying and a total bag of nerves!”

Did anything go wrong?

There were a few mishaps on the way, which didn’t help with the stress (like having to pull over in the car to put the hood up because the bride nearly lost her veil – and the mother of the bride in the car behind saw this and thought “she is having second thoughts about the wedding!”)

But, the groom also nearly didn’t arrive.

Calum had booked a VW campervan to get the groomsmen to the hotel, but had waited all morning and they never arrived. Eventually, when they couldn’t wait any longer, all 5 of them trundled into his mum’s wee Ford Fiesta and raced down to Troon… it later turned out he hadn’t actually booked the campervan in the first place!!

Car mishaps aside, everyone did arrive in one piece and from then on the day ran like clockwork.

Nadine had always dreamt of getting married outside, so when the weather forecast had showed it was a distinct possibility, she was desperate to get married in the gardens of the hotel. (Stuart was not quite as excited about this prospect – something about pale skin and sunscreen.)

Turns out he wasn’t the only one. As most of the guests were Scottish, no one was ready for the scorching sun, some of the guests even got burnt while they were waiting for the bride to arrive. Top tip: if it’s sunny, you will need sunscreen, possibly a fan ! However the scene that greeted Nadine on arrival was glorious.

“It took my breath away to see everyone sitting around the bandstand waiting for us to begin the ceremony. It was everything I had ever imagined.”

Were there any special moments that stood out?

The speeches were hilarious and emotional. There were tears from the best man’s speech and laughter from my dad’s slideshow of terribly embarrassing photos form my childhood.”

‘From milk bottle glasses to a stunning bride – quite the transormation’ commented Stuart

But then the biggest suprise of the day hit me after our first dance.

“Calum had secretly arranged for my younger brother to play his saxophone for the father-daughter dance. It turns out it had been planned for months, and my brother had been travelling through for rehearsals. I was completely clueless and cried like a baby – still do when I think about it! It was so thoughtful and it’s a memory I will cherish forever.”

What about the photography, how was working with Stuart on the day?

“Genuinely, Stuart is one of the kindest and wholehearted people we have ever met. He is absolutely hilarious and made us laugh all day. His care leading up to the big day, the day itself, and the journey afterwards have been incredible. His photography style is timeless yet he’s not afraid to push the boundaries to try something different. We cannot thank him enough.”


What did you think of your pictures when you first saw them?

“Absolutely bloody sensational.”

“We were at the airport, waiting to fly to Barbados for our honeymoon when he sent the first picture I burst out crying in the middle of the duty free!”

“Stuart was an absolute dream.  I would recommend him over and over again.  The way his mind works is incredible, you can see him continually searching for ways to make the shot better. Every shot he produces is beautiful – and he wasn’t above jumping over obstacles and lying amongst the grass to get the perfect shot. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure the images he has are incredible.”

Have you got any favourites?

“There are some pictures that we took at sunset. It looks as though we could be in a vineyard in California, not the West Coast of Scotland!”

Do you have any final words of advice for future brides?

“Take it all in. The day goes by so quickly. Everyone told us it would be the quickest day of our lives – and we should have listened. Take the extra time to watch everyone. Also, don’t be late! Our car mishaps meant we were 30 minutes late and it just ate into our day.”

“Final piece of advice? Do your day the way you want to – it’s your day. If that means you want to arrive in a hot air balloon? Well, arrive in a hot air balloon – you only get to do it once. Most importantly, just enjoy it!”


4 thoughts on “Nadine and Calum’s Lochgreen Wedding”

  1. Marie Mc Bride says:

    Stunningly beautiful couple and a glorious day.
    The photographs captured the day perfectly

  2. Got to love a summer wedding with an outdoor ceremony – looks like a fun one!

  3. Martin Dabek says:

    Great coverage and lovely Sunset pictures.

  4. Wonderful set of images, and I absolutely love hearing about the wedding firsthand from the couple.

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