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Seamill Hyrdo Wedding Gillian and Jack

Saturday, January 19 2019

Seamill Hydro Wedding

Just so much to love and be inspired by with this Seamill Hydro wedding. Where to begin? Gillian’s custom-made ‘Wallace’ tartan shoes, the church decorations that greeted the guests at, the use of Eglington Park or even the couples willingness to get back outside after dinner to catch one of the best sunset pictures we’ve ever captured….. and we havent even talked about Seamill Hydro yet

We started the day at Gillians family farm-house down in rural Ayrshire before making our way to St Columba’s Church in Stewarton. After a lovely ceremony we felt the first few spits of rain, regardless we pressed on to Eglington Park for the pictures, and were very lucky to discover the rain had passed us by. About a month before the wedding I had met with the couple and we had taken a look around the park together. I am so grateful that we did. It meant that on the day we knew exactly where we could park, where we could shoot the groups, utilise the most picturesque areas of the park (of which there were plenty) and create something quite beautiful which the couple absolutely love.

When we had finished up at the park we made our way down towards Seamill (which since this wedding has had a massive new wing built). Again we were faced with photo opportunity after photo opportunity. Knowing when and where to point the camera was the biggest challenge of the day! However once anybody books a photographer to shoot a wedding at Seamill Hydro there is literally only a few minutes before someone mentions shooting on the beach. Its pretty much a given that at some point on your wedding day, someone is getting sand between their toes. Now we have shot some fantastic sunset pictures in our time Laura and Stuarts sunset back in 2014 won our picture of the year that year, but I have to say that pushed on by the videographer, our friend JP at Leven Films we found a sensational spot offering an almost perfect reflection. To this date I think it is still one of my favourite pictures of all time. I owe Gillian and Jack a massive thank you for their patience and their enthusiasm in allowing us to capture such a fantastic image.

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