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Cameron House Wedding : Holly and Aaron on Loch Lomond

Friday, June 29 2018

Cameron House Wedding

Now that the news on the future of Cameron House is much brighter after last years sad events, we thought it was now a good time to celebrate one of our favourite Cameron House weddings from last year and look back at Holly and Aarons wonderful day at Loch Lomond

So many little girls dream of their wedding day, and if you live on the West Coast of Scotland, there’s a high chance you have dreamt of a loch-side wedding in Cameron House.

This was certainly true for our bride Holly, who, aged just 4, had her first experience of the beauty of Cameron House when she attended for a 5th Birthday Party. There was a wedding on the same day and she remembers seeing the Bride and Groom and proclaimed, “I want to get married here one day!”

23 years later that dream came true…


On a cold winter morning, Holly and Aaron were walking together in the grounds of the apartment where they lived.  Little did Holly know, she was about to get one step closer to her dream wedding when Aaron led her to the tree that they had commented on so many times before. Carved into the tree was the date, ’23.12.15’ and as Holly read this, she turned and saw Aaron down on one knee. It had all been secretly planned, with a secret flight to Scotland just a few days before to ask Holly’s father for permission – Aaron even got the ring size just perfect!

Before they knew it, a date was set for the big day and Cameron House was chosen for their venue.

Having appointed her mum as chief wedding planner, Holly was able to enjoy every moment in the lead up to the wedding day. Being mother of the bride (and generally knowing her daughter’s taste so well) Susan was able to plan every detail and present Holly with just three options to choose from, taking all the stress away from Holly – a dream come true for all brides-to-be!!

Having so much experience shooting weddings at Cameron House, it was actually the staff at the hotel who recommended Stuart to Holly and Aaron – and they never looked back. Before they knew it, the big day had arrived! Holly and Aaron were both very excited as they were getting ready, but as with many bride and grooms, about an hour before the service the nerves began to kick in. Not that you can tell from the pre-wedding photographs.

Thanks to Susan and Stuart working so well together, their meticulous planning meant everything ran smoothly on the day. Of course, there are some things that don’t go according to your plan (such as the weather on Loch Lomond!) but sometimes this just helps you to be more imaginative in the shots that you create.

Taking shelter under the trees, Stuart was able to capture some beautiful shots of the bride and groom. With his creativity now in full swing, he was certain that he could take some pictures from across the bay to get a beautiful reflection on the water.  So, the Scottish weather wasn’t so bad after all!

“Stuart and Gillian were amazing. They were actually a really lovely addition to the day and people were commenting how friendly and nice they were. Stuart knew all of the best places around Cameron House to get the perfect shots – and he was more than happy to run around in the rain to get them!!”

Choosing a photographer who specialises in glamorous weddings, particularly at Loch Lomond’s Cameron House, means you can always trust him to find that perfect shot. Whether it’s down beside the loch or capturing the right angle of the house itself, Stuart knows the places to be.


If you are planning your wedding, here are some parting words of wisdom from Holly:

“Just enjoy every minute of it – the run up and the big day itself. It is over so quickly, so you need to savour it.

The photographs are brilliant and having a video alongside them is definitely something I would recommend. It means you can relive your day over and over again. It’s great that Stuart gives you a USB with all the pictures he has taken– I actually have them all on my phone and computer so I can show them to people and look at them whenever I want!”

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