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Amanda and Bryan Archerfield House

Monday, October 28 2019
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Archerfield House Wedding

Our first Archerfield House wedding didn’t actually start until 4pm. You see Amanda and Bryan are such a laid back chilled out couple that they wanted to have a stress free day, get ready at their leisure, have a short ceremony then really enjoy dinner and drinks with their friends….. which is exactly what they did!

I say chilled out, although Bryan did throw a minor stress grenade into the mix by insisting that the best man, his father and himself all wore ‘proper’ bow ties. This meant that (again) Gillian and I (mostly Gillian) had to refer back to youtube to check the correct way to tie the ties. Fine when you are just hanging about the house – slightly different story when you know there is a deadline and that the tie has to look perfect! Add to the mix that you are doing it in reverse to the instructor and you can see how the tension begins to mount. Gillian gets all the plaudits for nailing it though and for reference here is the youtube video How to tie a bow tie

All of the shots above were taken within 20 minutes as we had visited the grounds before the wedding, chatted with the wedding coordinator and checked where the sun would be on the day. We had a Plan A for good weather and a Plan B for shooting indoors if the weather hadnt worked out. It was this kind of planning and commitment which means we could aid Bryan and Amanda’s plan for that relaxed feel to the day and enjoy plenty time with their guests and enjoy Archerfield House.
We really enjoyed ourselves here and with a bride as beautiful as Amanda, a groom as well dressed as Bryan and a venue this stunning the pictures we always going to be great. I am very grateful that we were given the opportunity to shoot this wedding and cannot wait to catch up with the couple again and hope to shoot at Archerfield again soon.

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