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Personal Branding for Professionals

Personal Brand Photography – what is it and how can it help me?

How often have you heard the expression ‘people buy people’ ? Its truer now in this entrepreneurial time than ever before.
So many small businesses and ‘solopreneurs‘ all working hard and trying to get themselves seen in a super crowded marketplace.

This is where your personal branding photography comes in. Your potential clients need to connect with you as much as with your business.
So what is the best version of yourself you can put out there?

Thats where we come in.

I say ‘we’ as I have also linked up with Jennifer at Black and White Marketing who has been through the same experiences as you setting up on her own and working all the hour under the sun to make her dream business come to life.
She is also an ace writer so, if you are struggling define your quirky personality and explain it to the world, then Jennifer is the person to speak to.
Have a look through the shots below and see if you can identify with these lovely people.