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Wednesday, April 11 2018

Destination Wedding in Sorrento

I have had an incredible year and was absolutely honoured to be asked to photograph John and Amy’s Sorrento wedding. Not only as this was an amazing opportunity to shoot overseas but also because John is a fellow professional photographer. This meant that the pressure was really on as a fellow pro would know what to expect and what would make for great shots, but it was also a blessing as John knew that to get truly fab images a little legwork, homework and patience would be required. The night before the wedding John, Amy and I took a stroll around the village to find those most picturesque spots. No mean feat as anyone who has ever visited this beautiful Italian resort will tell you that it is a bustling hub of activity!

However, the homework paid off in spades as we discovered a few quite alleys that would give us that quintessential ‘rustic Italian look’, some beautiful park areas and one or two spots view beautiful views over the Amalfi coast. This was one of the very few weddings I have shot in my career where I did not worry about having a ‘Plan B’


On the day itself Amy looked absolutely stunning and John, who I have never seen without a stubbly chin and a bag over his shoulder, looked every inch the perfect groom. We were ably assisted by bridesmaid Emma who was a wonderful help to me on the day, making sure Amy was comfortable and her dress was ‘just right’ in the pictures. After a dual language (emotional) ceremony presided over by Sorrento’s top official we made our way around the town. Parklands, viewing points, deep in the bustling town and – after waiting for just the right moment – this stunning shot in one of the back streets

I absolutely loved everything about the experience of shooting overseas. I had a terrific couple (now friends) to work with, two lovely families and more sunshine that I could deal with! Please enjoy these pictures and if you are thinking of having your wedding overseas – do let me know.

My Italian is still awful but my eye for a picture is still pretty good

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