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Patti and Mike at Pollok House

Tuesday, January 12 2016

Patti and Mikes Pollok House Wedding

I love Pollok House Weddings. It is a wonderful venue with photo opportunities everywhere you point your camera. When you add a handsome couple and a fabulous wedding dress into the mix you have the recipe for a fantastic set of images. Technically this isn’t a wedding as Mike and Patti had already tied the knot in the States (Patti’s home) however with Mike hailing from Scotland they wanted to bring the celebrations over the Atlantic. The solution that they hit on was to host a blessing and reception at Pollok House for Mikes family (and some awesome pictures)

You’ll notice that Patti’s dress had a lovely vintage look. Well that’s because it genuinely is vintage, Patti is wearing her grandmothers dress. This is the 4th time its been worn as a wedding dress as her grandmother, mother and aunt have all worn at it their weddings. Doesnt it look amazing? A real touch of class and completely in tune with Pollok House. I am delighted to¬† say that we have just been secured to photograph Mikes sisters Auchen Castle Wedding. You can’t really get a higher recommendation than that !