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Nicola and Craig Brig O’Doon Wedding

Friday, July 12 2019

Brig O’Doon wedding

Nicola and Craig’s Brig O’Doon wedding was one of those very rare things. A wedding where I not only found something new but also something wonderfully entertaining and right up my street. A Mariachi Band! But im jumping the gun a little.
As you would expect we started the day with bridal preparations at a lovely B&B in Alloway before making our way along the road a little to the little church at the end of the street and then Brig O’Doon. Its fair to say that Nicola is absolutely beautiful and despite the nerves all around her (especially Dad’s) she gave off such an aura of confidence that i think she calmed everyone around her.

The church ceremony was just lovely and after the vows and first kiss Craig the groom punched the air in a mixture of delight and relief is suspect. After the ceremony it was onto Brig O’Doon. I have worked here many many times, in fact its probably one of the busiest wedding venues in Scotland. However i think its a testament to my 1500 couples that every time i am here it feels completely different.

Dad sees his beautiful daughter for the first time in her dress

Wedding ‘on’ the Brig O’Doon

Its a shot that ‘needs’ to be taken. You cannot have your wedding at Brig O’Doon and not visit the famous bridge. Every time I am on here i am always looking for a different angle, pose or way to take this picture. Truth be told – the best shot is usually the obvious one.

Seriously – if you can have a mariachi band at your wedding – get a mariachi band. These guys,  Mariachi Rey  are absolutely amazing. Their rendition of ‘Dont you want me’ by the Human League has to be herd to be believed. Its brilliant !!

Isnt this shot incredible? All your friends and family cheering your entrance to dinner. I love it. Its one of the best things about Brig O’Doon, this moment where you get such a massive wave of noise and love from your wedding guests. Every couple deserves this moment.

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