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Rowallan Castle Wedding – Luce and Joseph

Saturday, July 14 2018

Rowallan Castle Wedding with Luce and Joseph

Luce and Josephs Rowallan Castle Wedding had been looming large in my diary ever since they booked. I have been really keen to get down to this venue since I discovered it was being run by my friend, the lovely Liz Irving. Liz has done a tremendous job with Rowallan Castle and what a fabulous wedding venue it has become. The next reason I was so excited about this wedding was due to the couple Luce and Joseph who look like a couple of models!
So we have a stunning venue, beautiful people, my good friend Scott MacKenzie on video so all we needed was weather….. and my goodness did we get a lot of weather! It must have been a bit of a shock for the guests who had come from overseas to be treated to a typical Scottish summer, but we need to pay tribute to Luce who took it all in her stride, waited for a mild break in the rain, and gave us some amazing pictures in the drizzle. She was incredible.

What an incredible setting, right?

We had started the day with the lads getting ready at the Marine Hotel in Troon. Joseph and the boys looked brilliant in their kilts and I like to think they will now have a taste for traditional Scottish dress and may take some ideas home with them. Then it was onto Rowallan for Luce’s prep shots. Despite time running away from the hair and makeup we managed to secure 5 minutes with Luce, the girls and her parents before we got to the church. Another wow as Sarah from Sarah’s Creative Occasions had made sure the church was looking very impressive for the arrival of the guests. On exit we then captured one of my fave confetti shots of all time. I had been cursing the breeze all day but when the confetti was thrown it hung in the air for a good 5 seconds – amazing ! Then it was onto Rowallan for the real glamour

It is always a pleasure to work alongside a professional team and I must say that Scott, Sarah, Liz, George the caterer and myself all bound together as a team and really worked hard to make sure that, not only did we make up the time from the ‘morning lateness’ but also that we delivered a seemless day to Luce and Joseph. I am thrilled with these shots, absolutely thrilled, and I know that Luce and Joseph love them too.

After all the build up in mind my to what a fantastic wedding this would be, I was so happy that it did not disappoint. Just an amazing day

Its no surprise Im sure but some of Luce and Josephs pictures feature in our Scottish Weddings portfolio. Enjoy !

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