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Lorna and Robs Peirsland House Wedding

Friday, September 27 2019
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Piersland House Wedding with Lorna and Rob

I wanted to tell the story of Lorna and Robs Piersland House Wedding, mostly because I discovered that i was always going to be Lornas wedding photographer…. even before she met Rob! I did not know when Lorna’s email enquiry first came in was exactly how we had actually known each other !!

You could say you had a whirlwind romance. But how did you actually meet?

Lorna: We met at Geneva Airport in Switzerland. I was going on holiday to the French Alps and Rob was the Youth Leader for the travel company I went travelling with. I was walking all over the airport looking for the Richmond rep, but couldn’t find anyone. So eventually, I headed back towards the door and came across Rob with his Richmond sign. I walked over and said: “I believe it’s me you’re looking for, I’m Lorna.” I didn’t mean it as a pickup line… but I did have a sneaky look to see if he was wearing a wedding ring.

Rob: I was standing next to ‘nothing to declare’ and thought it was an obvious place to stand. I wasn’t expecting a guest to walk out of that door like Lorna did. She didn’t even have anything to declare, she just came out of the wrong door!

(As you can see this story was re-enacted during Robs speech)

So, how did you get from holiday romance to engaged in a matter of months?

Lorna: Throughout the holiday, we found out we had a lot in common. The night before I left, Rob wished me a ‘happy life’ and I realised I wanted him to be a part of it. So, I added him on Facebook. We soon became a couple, and started talking about getting married. By the end of November, Rob got a job in Scotland and moved up to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. We got engaged the day after Rob moved up!

You had a really short engagement, how did you manage to plan the wedding in such a short space of time?

Lorna: We’d both decided we wanted a short engagement. So, we got engaged in the November and set the date for April – only 4 and a half months to plan!

I’m a teacher, so I’m used to being really organised – I even had a file with a laminated label on it. Rob was involved in every stage and I found the best tactic was giving him a list of options and getting him to choose one.

My biggest priority was contacting 1500 Photography. I always said I wanted Stuart to photograph my wedding, so our wedding date was actually chosen for when Stuart was available.

Love it! You also hired a videographer, how did you come across JP?

Lorna: On Facebook! I noticed Stuart had posted a link to Leven Films, so I had a look at JP’s work and it was fantastic. I immediately contacted him, and thought it was really important that our photographer and videographer had worked together before. It makes the day run smoothly and means they’re not competing for shots. As it turns out, Stuart and JP are also friends, so there was great banter all day too.

Check out Lorna and Robs teaser film here Leven Films facebook

How were you feeling on the big day?

Lorna: I slept for a solid 8 hours the night before, so I woke up feeling relaxed, happy and excited. I can honestly say I wasn’t nervous at all – I knew everything was well planned and we had a team of amazing suppliers who’d make sure the day ran smoothly. I couldn’t wait to see Rob when I walked down the aisle.

Rob: I also slept well the night before. I didn’t feel nervous and just really enjoyed getting ready with my friends and family. Most of them are from down south, so I hadn’t seen them for a couple of months.

How did you feel when you walked down the aisle?

Lorna: It was one of my favourite parts of the day: seeing Rob standing at the altar waiting for me.

Rob: It’s one of my favourites too; I loved seeing Lorna walking down the aisle.


What was your day like?

Lorna: It felt very relaxed. We wanted our service to reflect our faith, so we chose hymns that were meaningful to us and had our minister preach a short sermon. We chose an early ceremony, starting at 12, so we had less time to be nervous. After the ceremony, we had a buffet lunch in the church hall, which meant we got the chance to talk to our guests. Word of advice: feed your guests to keep them happy!

We also had our speeches before the meal; again, making sure people could relax and get to enjoy the day properly. Rob even recreated our meeting in his speech, and had the same t-shirt on.

Could you describe your day in 3 words?

Lorna: Happy, relaxed and lovely               Rob: Best day ever!


While we were shooting the Piersland House Wedding pictures the wind got quite strong. It made for some real drama (and fun) in the pictures

What are some of your favourite moments?

Lorna: On the morning, as we were getting ready for the ceremony, my dad was trying to put the ribbon on the bonnet of the car, but couldn’t find the lever to pop the bonnet. I ended up having to go out – hair and make-up done – to find it for him.

Also, our first dance was very special. We choose a song from the film “Miss Potter”. When we were going out, it was while watching that film that we said “I love you” for the first time, so it had very lovely memories for us.


What made you choose 1500 Photography?

Lorna: I was at a wedding in 2007 where Stuart was the photographer (turns out it was his first wedding as 1500 Photography). From that day, I decided I wanted Stuart to be my photographer when I got married – I just didn’t expect it to be 12 years later!

Stuart and Gillian were really professional, friendly, organised and calm. They were such a good laugh and the photographs are second to none. I’d definitely recommend an engagement or pre-wedding photo-shoot, as it means you get to know the photographer beforehand.

Do you have any favourite photographs?

Lorna: My favourite is the black and white one down at the beach. I love photographing the aurora borealis (when it’s visible), so I was hoping to get a beautiful night sky at the beach. What we got was even better than a standard sunset – it was dramatic and moody – and it’ll be taking pride of place in our living room.

Rob: My favourite is the confetti one. It captures how happy everyone was. I also like that it shows a piece of rogue tissue paper that should have been attached to the confetti cone!

Do you have any advice for future brides and grooms?

Lorna: Don’t get caught up in the Instagram perfect wedding. Do what you and your fiancé like. Choose good quality suppliers, enjoy every stage of the planning too – because the day is over in a flurry of confetti!


What a beautiful day with such a fab couple. I love our weddings, I love our couples and we absolutely love our job.
If you think I would be a good fit for your day please drop me a note here and lets meet up, chat and see if we can work together to create images as beautiful as these Contact me here 

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