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Lesley and Davids wedding at Boturich Castle

Monday, October 7 2019
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Wedding at Boturich Castle

This wedding was jumping ! I have never seen a more fun filled boisterous, good natured Wedding at Boturich Castle. Lesley and David have a tight knit groups of friends through work and football which meant lots of joking, singing and banter all day long.

Things didnt get off to the smoothest start however. Lesley got ready in the cottages just around the corner from Boturich Castle – 5 minutes walk maximum. Unbelievably events conspired to make Lesley 45 minutes late ! Not only that once Lesley finally made it to the bottom of the aisle, the wind whipped her veil from her head! After another short delay while the veil was replaced (to a massive cheer) Lesley finally made it to the alter, to David and to Rev Ian Miller.

Now as we all know Rev Miller is a very keen Celtic supporter. The rest of the congregation at this wedding, with the exception of one or two, supported the other side of city, and supported Rangers. However credit to all, the good natured Old Firm banter (mostly coming from Rev Miller) was absolutely brilliant. To the extent that Ian presented the couple with a portrait of Paul Gascoigne during his speech.

You might also recognise the beautiful shot of Lesley and David overlooking Loch Lomond. This was the winner of our ‘Shot of the Year’ earlier this year. They won with a commanding lead but I was delighted (as a local boy) that second place was also a Wedding at Boturich castle, Gary and Jess. Two Loch Lomond weddings being the most popular pictures of last year was very gratifying.

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