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Josie and Victorias Gleddoch House Wedding

Tuesday, October 8 2019
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Gleddoch House Wedding

In one of our longer blog posts I really wanted to tell you all about this beautiful same sex wedding at Gleddoch House. So, we got in touch with Josie again and asked her some question about the big day.

How did you and Victoria meet?
We met on Plenty of Fish (POF) and started off as friends… but we realised there was something there and officially started dating.

How about engagement? Who proposed to whom?
I’m someone who gets really excited by things – i.e. our potential future.

Victoria is someone who scares easily – i.e. not so excited about our potential future.

But, once Victoria realised what I’m like, she was more relaxed and realised it wasn’t that scary. We chatted about marriage, but decided that Victoria would ask when the time came… well, the time couldn’t come quick enough and I couldn’t wait any longer, so by August 2016, I proposed to her.

Did you find the wedding planning stressful?

Stressful? Not at all! I thrive on all opportunities to be organised. You should have seen me with all the labelled boxes organised into groups. My seating plan was even colour coded and organised into sections.

How did you go about planning – was one person in charge of certain decisions?

No, we made all the decisions together. The day was about both of us, so we both had to be happy with it. The only part we done separately was our wedding dress shopping. Our wedding was pretty different, but that was one tradition I wanted to keep: not seeing the bride’s dress before the wedding day.

The big day arrived, what was it like getting ready in the morning?

Picture the scene. Stuart turns up to photograph us getting ready. He walks into Victoria’s room and everything is lovely and calm. He walks into my room and it’s complete chaos – guess who has the bigger family! I guess opposites do attract.

How were you feeling at the ceremony?

We were both pretty calm. We knew each other so well by that point. Victoria doesn’t like being the centre of attention, so I knew that would be an issue for her – but she was brilliant. She thought I would cry – because I’m usually an emotional wreck – but I was the opposite. The smile on my face was huge!

Have you got any favourite memories from the day?

I can’t pick. We both thought our day was perfect and every little thing went exactly as it should.

The smoke bomb pictures were amazing. Where did the inspiration come from?

Pinterest has a lot to answer for these days. I said to Victoria I was looking for something a bit different – we call that a ‘Josieism’. I wanted something that hadn’t been done often.  So Victoria scrolled Pinterest and came up with the idea of smoke bombs. She showed me and I loved them… all that was left to do was convince Stuart to photograph them. It took 3 seconds.

These pictures ended up being even more amazing than we imagined. Stuart captured the light amazingly.

What made you choose 1500 Photography?

It wasn’t a hard decision. A colleague in work recommended him, so we set up a meeting. After that meeting we knew we weren’t going to any other photographer – it was Stuart’s excitement about our wedding that really won us over.

He made us feel really comfortable and there was an instant connection. Looking at his previous work, the thing that stood out was his concentration on the couples themselves. He made sure to capture everything he could about the couple.

How would you describe working with Stuart?

Genuinely, it felt like it was our privilege and honour to get to work with him. He is extremely professional, but at the same time, has your sides splitting from laughing so much. It’s a good balance. I think this is what makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera with him.

There was a hilarious moment too – sorry Stuart, we have to share this. We had taken the golf carts down to the entrance of the hotel, trying to capture some sunset shots. Stuart got really excited at the photo he’d just taken and started running up the hill to show us. But in his excitement, he fell up the hill. There is photo evidence taken by Gillian too… Stuart? Will you share it with us?? (edit: always give the public what they want! see below)

The coupe hit the dancefloor at Gleddoch House

Finally, do you have any advice for future brides?

Document everything. Leading up to the wedding, it can be stressful, so it’s nice to keep a memory book. Afterwards you can look back over it and remember everything. I think I’ll bring it out on our first wedding anniversary.


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