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Jess and Gary Boturich Castle Wedding

Thursday, August 1 2019
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Boturch Castle Wedding

Planning a Boturich Castle Wedding ? Take a tip from Gary and Jess.
Dont spendĀ  all day everyday planning every single detail. Plan your wedding in ‘bursts’ of activity. I first met this couple at another wedding where Gary was one of the Groomsmen. Fast forward to their own wedding plans a year or so later and they remembered that working with me wasnt too bad and they got in touch. The only fly in the ointment is that Gary works overseas a lot and the couple are based down south. This limited both their availabilty and visit to Scotland. Which meant that they ‘spread out’ the planning of their wedding. One weekend every 2 months or so things were ticked off a list.

To explain this sequence.On holiday Jessica pointed to a ring in a shop that she really really liked. Unbeknown to her, Gary had returned to the shop and bought the ring in secret. Come the morning of the wedding, his wedding gift to her was that very ring. #h2bgoals

Outdoor wedding in Scotland

The danger with an outdoor wedding in Scotland is obviously always the unpredictable weather. With such an amazing vantage point overlooking the Loch we could see the rain coming. It was just a question of how much of the ceremony we could get finished before the rain drops hit. Gary and Jess got about halfway through the ceremony when the enviable happened. Not to worry though as the guests at this wedding were a practical lot! Everyone simply uplifted their chair and made their way indoors for the rest of the ceremony.

I loved the back detail of Jess’ dress. She looked stunning. As you can see from the shot at the top of the page the ‘crystal drop’ at her back is just beautiful and a really classy touch which just elevates the dress. Add this to the flowers in her hair and naturalistic make up and you have one gorgeous bride.

But you usually get an awesome sunset at a Boturich Castle Wedding

As always at Boturich Castle I try and get the couple back outdoors at sunset time. For me its the perfect way to cap off the story of the day. Naturally i dont always get it (due to the vagaries of the Scottish weather) but i must admit that i do have a pretty good ‘hit rate’ with sunsets. Even after a ‘changeable’ day like this its nice to know that you can always catch some drama in the sky at Loch Lomond.

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