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James and Kat – Edinburgh Wedding PtII

Wednesday, February 26 2020
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As you saw in our previous post James and Kat were a little reticent about having a wedding photographer. However, we had a wonderful time with the couple during and engagement shoot and now it was time for the wedding at the Inter Continental in Edinburgh

So, how were you feeling on the big day?
Kat was cool as a cucumber. Then she walked down the aisle… that’s when the happy tears started. This was actually my favourite moment from the day – luckily, Kathleen our celebrant, had a strategic hanky ready to wipe the tears.
Me on the other hand? I was ridiculously nervous. On the plus side, England had just won against New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup that morning, so I’d had a “wee dram” before heading to the service. That certainly calmed my nerves. The rest of the nerves washed away as soon as I saw Kat walking down the aisle towards me.

What are some of your other favourite moments from the day?
Just seeing everyone there was amazing. These are some of our favourite photographs as well – seeing the candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves.

We hired a magician – and that was amazing! We just loved seeing everyone’s reactions when he read their minds.

Oh, there was also a rather funny moment: our wedding cake was a cheese cake – so literally made of cheese. When it was time to cut the cake, we accidentally tried to cut into the 6-inch block of cheddar! Thankfully I don’t think anybody noticed (especially the photographer – he certaily wouldnt shoot that)

What about Kat – what were your favourite moments?
I loved seeing James waiting for me at the top of the aisle. I’d heard from his family that he was really nervous, so I was delighted that he hadn’t ditched me after all!

I also loved walking through Princes Street Gardens, with my dress flowing behind me. It made me feel so special.

Princes Street Gardens was a great location for photos, what did you

Well, during our engagement shoot, we went to some private gardens – which turned out to be very muddy. We didn’t think this was a great idea for the wedding day (think muddy wedding dress and muddy shoes!) so, for a laugh, Stuart suggested Princes Street Gardens as he knew it was all paths. Much to Stuart and my surprise, Kat jumped at the idea. This coming from the woman who cried during the engagement shoot. She’s now turned into a catwalk model!
It just goes to show the level of confidence Stuart and Gillian can inspire in a couple. Not to mention that when you’re all dressed up on your special day, you feel like you can stand in your own bubble and enjoy the experience instead of worrying what other people are thinking.
All the people in the gardens were congratulating us – and we had a few photo bombs too! It made us feel like celebrities and became one of the most special parts of our day.

What made you choose 1500 Photography for your engagement and

Kat came across Stuart on Instagram. We looked at his website and he explicitly says that he’s ‘the photographer for people who don’t like their photographs being taken’. It was a sign!

I filled in his online form – which also asks what your favourite film is. I said Star Wars. Then, possibly due to the wine, I finished the form with: ‘Help us 1500 Photography, you’re our only hope!” (Other Star Wars fans might realise the original is: “Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.”) Stuart seemed to like this, and our emails proceeded from there, featuring multiple
movie puns every time (edit: Im a sucker for a good movie quote)

What do you like most about your pictures?
We love how natural and relaxed they are – even the posed ones. Stuart found some amazing settings and lighting, so we definitely looked our best. There were no cliché photos. That just isn’t our style. Stuart caught onto this very quickly and adapted accordingly.

How would you describe working with 1500 Photography?
Stuart is laid-back and easy-going. He’s really talented at both the technical and personal aspects of wedding photography. You never feel under pressure with him. His humour helped get some great shots at the wedding; he’s always quick with the banter, so you can’t help but smile.
Nothing is too much trouble – and his goal for the day is to make it special for you. He even asked some restaurant doormen (edit: The Dome) if we could shoot in front of their Christmas lights! He thinks of everything.
One of his best skills was blending in at the reception – so much so that people didn’t notice they were being photographed and we got some fantastic candid shots.

What advice would you give future (nervous!) brides?
James: Don’t be afraid to take a moment or two for yourself. Take it all in, because the day is over before you know it!

Kat: Try not to worry about the photos. The nerves are overridden by the rest of the day, the guests, the emotion – and the fact that you feel amazing. It’s natural to feel nervous, but don’t let it rule or spoil the best day of your life.
Once I saw the quality of Stuart’s portfolio, I knew I’d regret it if I shied away from having great photos at the wedding.

My advice is to embrace the skills of your photographer. They are there to
help you and put you at ease – and this is what makes your photos great.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! You see, there’s nothing to be worried about. Getting you to feel confident is what we’re great at. Just look at the transformation of Kat and James.

Stuart : This is one of my favourite weddings of all time. A lovely humble couple who I would happily call my friends now. Watching Kat ‘bloom’ in front of the lens was a special thing to witness and one of the highlights of my career. Being credited by James for having such an effect is truly one of the best compliments i could ever receive, not just as a photographer, but as a person who loves and believes in their work.

If you feel a little shy or embarrassed about having your picture taken then please, drop me an email and we can explore some ideas and thoughts that will help you relax and enjoy the experience. Lets face it – if I can take Kat from reluctant subject to ‘catwalk-ing’ it through the busiest park in Scotland, the I think I can may be able to help you too.

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