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James and Kat – Pt1

Thursday, February 20 2020
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This blog post is dedicated to anyone who hates getting their picture taken.

James initially got in touch with the following email; “We are both not very confident in front of a camera and hate being centre of attention (not ideal when getting married). We like your ethos of having the skill to take pictures of people who hate having their picture taken… Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope”

Ok so first of all, massive kudos on the Star Wars quote, but also I wonder how many of us feel exactly the same way? So with the first part of this story I want to tell you a little more about the couple, the lead up to the wedding and the (vital) engagement shoot that we had.

Engagement shoot

Can you tell me a little about how you got engaged? Did you get down on one
knee, did you choose the ring together or beforehand?

I had a ring with me when we went on a magical trip to Australia. I knew I wanted
to propose, but didn’t know where or when! Every time Kat went through my
backpack while we were away, I’d get worried she’d find the ring and grab the bag
off her to retrieve whatever she wanted, I’m sure she knew something was up!
Eventually I spotted the perfect location at the bottom of a waterfall in the Blue
Mountains and popped the question, luckily, she said yes.

I knew Kat wanted to design her own ring as she has very specific requirements around jewellery, so I used a (very nice) Pandora ring for the engagement and then we designed and commissioned her dream ring once back from Australia!

What made you decide to have an engagement shoot before the wedding?

We both hate our photo being taken, so when we got in touch with Stuart, he had the bright idea of grabbing a coffee in town and then shooting some pics to get us used to him and the camera! We’re from Essex, so not in Edinburgh that often, therefore it was the ideal opportunity to really get to know each other. I won’t say we were the perfect subjects, but doing the engagement shoot helped us be more prepared for being centre of attention on the big day!

Kat was really nervous about the photos, tearing up at one point!

She had no need to worry though as they all came out fantastically!

Stuart mentioned that Kat was really nervous and shy about being on camera, how did that change over the course of the day?

During the engagement shoot day Kat found the whole thing overwhelming, it took us both (Stuart did more than me!) a lot of cajoling to make her more comfortable. I think you can see through the timeline of the photos she got happier as the shoot went on. It helped that we went to a private garden with no one else there, bar a couple of dog walkers.

(Stuart : you can see the progession throught the pictures here as the couple started to relax and enjoy the experince)

Tense much ? The couples discomfort is almost palpable here

Getting to know each other in front of and behind the camera is crucial to getting a rapport going

In the final shot here you can see how much more relaxed and confident the couple are.

How did Kat feel about the upcoming wedding after the photoshoot?
Once the pictures came back, we were very impressed and felt really happy that we actually didn’t look half bad! Stuart made us both feel at ease during the shoot with his quick wit and humour, and we knew then that this style of photographer would work for us which meant we could concentrate on the outstanding items we had to plan!

So how did we get from so shy and uncomfotable to this ? See part II

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  1. Lesley Woodley says:

    The photos are fantastic and James and Kat have the most wonderful memories of their special day!

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