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Clare and James Perfect Auchen Castle Wedding

Wednesday, October 10 2018

When you ask a couple to describe their wedding day in just three words, you can have two guesses at who said what:

‘Perfect. Just perfect.’
‘Very, very expensive’

Of course, both are valid, but let’s go with ‘perfect’ for the sake of our blog article!
James and Clare’s wedding was a perfect reflection of their relationship: fun, loving and thoughtful.

Before they were engaged, they were constantly teasing one another and joking, to the point where they had to rely on ‘pinkie swears’ to prove when they weren’t carrying on. However, this method of trust was soon broken when James ‘pinkie swore’ that he was not going to propose while on holiday in Greece. Needless to say, he did not keep to that promise. He chose his spot well, having been on a walk through the old town of Rhodes; he got down on one knee to a stunning backdrop of the ocean harbour. From that day on, pinkie promises were no longer held sacred!!

And so, after 8 years together, the big day finally arrived…

On the morning, there was a flurry of excitement throughout the house, as the girls were getting ready. Hair, make-up, dresses, shoes – the whole scene was captured when Stuart and Gillian arrived, camera in hand, ready to take on the day.

Arriving at the church, emotions were high when Clare saw all her family and closest friends gathered inside, but all the nerves of the day faded to nothing when she saw James standing at the front of the church. Before they knew it, the wedding ceremony was over and the new Mr and Mrs Murphy were outside the church being showered in confetti and heading down to Auchen Castle


After enjoying each other’s company in the car ride to Moffat, sipping on a glass of Bubbly, the bride and groom made a detour to the Lochside to get the perfect Scottish backdrop for their official wedding photographs.

Clare and James were delighted with the pictures that Stuart was able to take, capturing the essence of the day and reflecting just how much fun they had. You can see the laughter, the joy and the love on their faces. This is one of the things that makes wedding photography so special – being able to capture those special moments that really made the day. It’s always very difficult to choose your favourite pictures of your wedding day, but often the ones that stand out are the special moments– the ones you couldn’t plan for.

The surprises didn’t end here for Clare.

Ever-the-thoughtful fiancé, James organised a slight outfit change for the evening with the help of his best man and future father-in-law. After the evening meal, Stuart beckoned Clare over and as she looked round the corner, there was her proud Englishman walking towards her, fully clad in the traditional Scot’s attire, kilt, plaid and all. To make it even more special, he had chosen Clare’s family tartan. This is such a beautiful moment and you can see the astonishment on Clare’s face as she sees James for the first time in his kilt.


Looking back through her photographs, Clare said the thing that stands out most to her is the angles and creativity that Stuart puts into his photographs.

“Stuart got some really epic shots just by shooting the pictures in a slightly different way. I love how he used the light to make the colours just pop in his photos! It’s also amazing how he captured the amount of love and fun that we had throughout the day, from the posed photos to the more relaxed ones.”

One of Clare’s favourite is pictured below, which, when you look closely, is actually a flipped version of their reflection on the water.


This wasn’t the first wedding that Stuart had captured for the family. A few years ago, he shot the wedding reception for Clare’s brother, Mike – the start of a life-long friendship for Stuart and Clare’s mum (see Mike and Pattis Pollok House wedding) So, when Clare got engaged, they immediately thought of 1500 Photography and Clare swore her mother would never forgive her if she did not choose her new ‘BFF’!

Photographing a family that you have worked with before actually helps everyone to relax (photographer included!) and allows you to capture so many natural photographs.

“Working with Stuart was so much fun! Despite being a bit camera shy to begin with, Stuart makes you laugh and puts everyone completely at ease.”

Mr and Mrs Murphy had their perfect wedding day and Stuart was delighted to capture every beautiful moment.


If you are getting married soon, Clare has some final words of advice:

“Remember; just enjoy your day because it does fly by! All the planning can be stressful, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you are getting married and that’s all that matters – everything else will work itself out.

Oh and the wedding diet? I can personally guarantee you will have so much fun eating all those carbs again afterwards!!

“Final piece of advice? Get Stuart to be your photographer!! I promise (even pinkie swear) he didn’t ask me to say that. He is just a lovely guy and he will produce the most incredible photos of your day.”

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