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Wedding at Principal George – Caitlin and Matthew

Saturday, August 31 2019
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Wedding at Principal George in Edinburgh

This was my first wedding at Principal George in Edinburgh. Caitlin and Matthew had chose a winter wedding but originally at another venue. Due to a tragic change of events we found ourselves at the Principal George in Edinburgh and to tell the truth, I think this was the perfect venue for the couple.
What a sensational building. The ceremony room was dressed to perfection by Supernova and looked incredible. Add an impressive front facade, plenty of fairy lights and a really good looking couple…. you have all the ingredients for a fantastic set of pictures.

Winter Weddings in Scotland

One of the ‘fun’ aspects about getting married in Scotland on the shortest day of the year is that you can shoot a sunset picture at 3pm !! Although Caitlin and Matthew were not specifically going for a ‘Christmas’ wedding we did utilise the fairly lights around the front of the building to give us some wonderful shots of the couple out on the street. The shot you see below you will be glad to know was shot within 30 seconds. The more observant among you might notice that Caitlin changed dress (just after dinner). She wore a beautiful simple silk slip which was much more relaxed and comfortable and ideal for dancing (more on that in a second) What it wasnt great for was hanging about on an Edinburgh street in conditions of minus 2! Hence the speed of the shot we took.

Not many weddings culminate in a dance off and in my opinion, they are the poorer for it ! As you can see Matthew isn’t shy about shaking his, er, talent, on the dancefloor. The band The Big Papas organised a ‘boys v girls’ dance off after the first few dances and my goodness did the boys really go for it! Naturally they won hands down (actually I think the verdict is still under dispute) but the atmosphere created was electric. Plaudits to the band – they were great at getting the party going.

This was our final wedding of the year and it really was a brilliant way to finish off 2018. Driving back along the M8 that night i had a very happy smile on my face. Its the same smile I have now looking back over the pictures 6 months later. Thank you for having us Caitlin and Matt x

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