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Bridezilla Quiz

Saturday, January 19 2019

How ‘Bridezilla’ are you ? *

A fun wee guide to checking on your grip of reality.
Keep a note of how you answer each question to tot up your score at the end

1 – His Mum asks you over to Sunday dinner. You think :

a) How kind and considerate of her
b) We are meant to be busy on Sunday but it’ll be nice not to be cooking
c) “Its like she wants me to be fat !”

2 – How much are you enjoying wine just now?

a) One glass after work is a lovely way to unwind
b) I need to sample wines for the wedding so I am claiming this as research
c) You are doing midweek runs to the bottle bank

3 – You organise a planning meeting with the bridesmaids for this Friday, but 1 of them cant make it. You think :

a) That’s ok. It was short notice
b) Well we really all need to be here, we’ll reschedule
c) I don’t care you are working two jobs to pay for the hen weekend in Madrid. Get here!!

4 – How much do you talk about your wedding in the office?

a) Oh, I don’t really discuss the wedding with them
b) I need to watch the boss doesn’t catch me on the Brides forum again
c) Colleagues avoid eye contact and you seem to be getting a lot of ‘out of office’ replies……

5- You meet a friend who hasn’t RSVP’d yet. Do you :

a) Lightly tease them they are getting sat at the back of the church
b) Politely explain that it’s a pain trying to organise stuff when people don’t get back to you
c) Punch them in the throat to see if they respond to that?

6 – Solid Silver salt and pepper set. £555. You think:

a) Ridiculous, we are not putting that on the gift registry
b) I’d rather you put that money into the honeymoon pot
c) Aunt Margaret is minted if doesn’t buy us those, she gets an evening invite only

7 – Your fiancé is :

a) Your soul mate and best friend
b) Supportive and fantastic, but not someone you really need to bother with all the wedding plans
c) Pretending to be asleep so he cannot look at the seating plan on the i-pad at 2am

8 – Are you on a wedding diet ?

a) No, this is the shape I was when we fell in love & my dress is perfectly fitted
b) A little bit. Its more for the honeymoon bikini
c) “I haven’t had solid food for weeks. Are there carbs in sunflower seeds ?”

9 – When was the last time you cried ?

a) When your fiancé proposed
b) When your venue didn’t have your exact date
c) When the florist told you, you cant have bluebells in November

10 – The hen do will be :

a) a relaxed spa day affair with friends and family
b) an absolute riot
c) one of 3 with the first leg in Dubai, then Madrid and a long weekend in New York

If you answered mostly A’s : You a Zen bride. So chilled people are probably worried that you are not worried. You know whatever happens you can take it all in your stride and nothing will phase you.

If you answered mostly B’s : You are doing fine. Just remember to decompress every now and then. A weekend off from planning and keeping in mind why you are doing this in the first place should help ease off those niggles. You are doing fine.

If you answered mostly C’s : Uh-oh. Now don’t worry. Yes, you are a Bridezilla and yes you are likely scaring everyone around you – however its not too late. You need help so, get in touch with 1500 Photography now and let us take some of the strain out of your planning

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*Disclaimer – there are plenty Groomzillas out there too !!

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