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Ashlea and Ross Mount Stuart House Bute

Friday, January 20 2017

Mount Stuart Wedding, Bute

Ashlea and Ross’s cinema inspired, Mount Stuart Wedding ,on the Isle of Bute was one of  my personal highlights of 2015, if not my professional career. An amazing couple with a wonderful eye for detail made this very special day in Rothesay. Mount Stuart House (follow the link, its incredible) was a venue that I had always wanted to shoot at. It’s on a par with the Kelvingrove Art Galleries as a building yet set in acres of rolling countryside, truly a remarkable building.  Now, add to this a beautiful bubbly blonde Scottish girl and a Rugby 7s internationalist and you can see why this wedding got me so excited.

It’s at this stage I should also mention another key member of the cast. Alexis, Ashelea’s mum. With Ross and Ashley based in Australia it was down to Alexis to do all the sorting, organising and hiring on this side of the world (and what a tremendous job she did!) The day itself started with me going over to the other side of Bute to catch the early activity of the lads getting ready and Ross opening his gifts from the bride which included his ride to the church. Yes, an actual Back to the Future DeLorean car!! (supplied by Chris at DeLorean Hire) I then headed over to Mt Stuart itself (more modestly than Ross) to record Ashlea’s finishing touches. She was housed in simply one of the most fantastic room I’ve even been in; for example, how many bedroom have their own conservatory?


Then it was time for Ashlea to make her way down the grand marble staircase to the wedding ceremony in Mt Stuarts private chapel. During the ceremony, instead of readings, various important family members and friends, stood and quoted romantic and loving quotes from movies “All you need is love, John Lennon, smart man”. In keeping with the movie theme we had an ’emergency’ ring delivery by a miniature special agent to the Mission Impossible theme.  After the ceremony, the official photocall, and my own personal heaven of shooting a highly photogenic couple who also happen to be movie nerds – what better way could there possibly be to spend your afternoon!!

The tables were all named after (appropriate) movies and every single place name was a personalised movie poster with the guests photoshopped into the image. The were songs during the speeches, both from the groom serenading his gorgeous bride dress and the bestmen re-imagining ‘500 miles’ into a tribute to the groom. And yet, there were still more surprises to come. After dinner and the first dance we were treated to a procession by the Rothesay pipe band who lead us outside to the most amazing fireworks display set to classic sci-fi tunes.

Honestly I have been writing this post with the biggest smile on my face as I remember not only a fantastic day, but such a great couple. I am really looking forward to summer 2016 when I will have the chance to catch up with Ross and Ashlea again in person and present them with the most incredible wedding album. When you look back at the pictures – how could it fail to be anything else. Below is my own contribution to the movie theme. Now where is my Huey Lewis album………

Pictures from this wedding feature pretty strongly in our Scottish Wedding Portfolio

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  1. Alexis says:

    It was a fantastic weekend Stuart and your photographic skills and personality shone through! You did an amazing job!

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