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Annie and David Loch Lomond Wedding

Thursday, July 18 2019
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Loch Lomond Wedding

A Loch Lomond Wedding : it’s one of the most popular locations in the world to get married – and for good reason. The mountains look incredible, the loch glistens in the sun (maybe, if you’re lucky) – so it’s a perfect location for a romantic Scottish wedding. But what happens when it’s the middle of January and the sun is not shining? Well, actually you get some truly amazing pictures that captures the misty, dreamy air of Scotland.

And that’s exactly what happened for Annie and David.

“Everyone said “Oh, a wedding in January? That will be wild!” But it wasn’t. Here, you’ve got the same chance of a good day in January as you do in July! It was a perfect winter’s day: cold but not icy, cloudy but still bright.”

How did this all come about?

Annie and David met through their work, when they were developing a project together.  It was a slightly, eh, interesting start to their relationship, because the day they met, Annie was really unwell with an ear infection and was rather green throughout their meeting. Luckily David wasn’t deterred, and they spent quite a bit of time travelling for their project in and around the West Coast of Scotland.

“We started carpooling together and realised we shared a love for gin and whisky. David asked me out a few times, but I kept saying no – I didn’t want to seem unprofessional. Eventually, I said yes and before we knew it, we moved in together – and not long after, we were engaged.”

“We would have eloped – but our parents would never have forgiven us. So, we chose to get married by Loch Lomond. For as long as I can remember, my family and I came here for sunny days by the Loch – so it’s filled with so many happy memories. It’s also one of the first places David and I visited together in Scotland. We stopped in Luss to get an ice-cream and while we were sitting there, we realised how much we enjoyed being in each others company – and he thought I wouldn’t say no the next time he asked me out… so it seemed fitting to get married here.”

They decided to have the wedding in the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel, not only was it beside the Loch, but it also had a beautiful rustic, homely and friendly vibe to it.

On the day, Stuart arrived nice and early, ready to capture the bridal party getting ready. Annie and her bridesmaids had stayed over in Luss the night before and after a quick cup of tea (to rid them of their wine hangover) they were ready.

What was the trickiest part of the day?

But the hardest part of the day wasn’t nerves (Annie wasn’t nervous at all); it was crossing the dual carriageway – which, if you’ve ever been to Luss – you’ll know is slightly terrifying.

“We had to cross the A82 to get to the hotel… and poor Kaitlin almost got run over! That’s what’s happening in this picture – and it’s actually one of my favourite photos from the day!”

A beautiful small and intimate wedding

They purposely kept the ceremony small, so it felt really personal and intimate.

“Walking into the room, you could feel the joy – it was actually palpable in the room. I loved seeing everyone’s faces. I also realised later that everyone who’d been at my 13th Birthday was also in that room. It was very special.”

“We’d originally planned to get married on the Loch, but we couldn’t find a boat big enough to fit everyone. Instead, we hired the Beau Jangle, and after the wedding ceremony we sent our guests for a wee sail. Everyone raved about it afterwards – but we did pop some Prosecco and whisky on the boat so that probably helped!”

As you’d probably expect, a wedding on Loch Lomond captures a lot of attention. The tourists-come-paparazzi eagerly followed the bridal party, taking pictures of the groomsmen in their kilts. Annie’s brother was about to start charging a fiver a photo!

And of course, kilts aside, there’s also the scenery of Loch Lomond – one of the biggest draws to having a wedding by the Loch.

“The scenery was my favourite part! It was an integral part of the day – I just love being near the water and it felt so calm and peaceful. You can really get a sense of this through the photos. It’s a beautiful location and the wedding was filled with love and laughter.”


And what about the photography?

“The photos are so natural. They genuinely tell the story of our day and how much fun we were having. I really like the ones on the boat where David and I just couldn’t stop laughing. I’m actually thinking about creating an ‘outtakes album’ of these.”

“Stuart actually deserves a medal for getting my mum to smile properly in the photos. At my brother’s wedding, the photographer didn’t manage it! I’m thinking about getting it framed…”

“Stuart was great at using the scenery and lighting, and getting people to stand at the right angle to perfectly capture the moment. Everyone commented on how good he was on the day. He was funny, relaxed and great at putting people at ease – they just blended into our wedding day and we felt like they were our guests.”

“I loved every minute of my day. There was also this lovely moment between the meal and evening reception. David and I went up to our hotel room and just took our shoes off and sat chatting away for 20 minutes. It was a beautiful moment of stillness to take it all in – just the two of us.”

That was one of the most important parts of the day for Annie and David. They didn’t want to get caught up in the stresses of the wedding day, and instead, made sure they enjoyed every minute of it.

“Let the wedding coordinators help you and choose a venue that suits your personality – and make the Loch part of your day too. Good food, good band, and good photographer. Get those things right and you’ll be laughing – as you should be. It’s not ‘the best day of your life’; it’s a day to celebrate the first of thousands more amazing days to come.”


What a lovely story and what great advice.

What was your favourite bit of Annie and Davids day? You can see more photography from the Loch Lomond Arms and Loch Lomond Weddings in our portfolio. Huge thanks to James and Caitlin at the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel  for helping make the day so easy.

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  1. What a location! They look so happy ?

  2. Marisa Wallrock says:

    Great wedding Thankyou for inviting us on your special day.We had a great weekend it was just beautiful . We loved it and we love you both .xxx love Marisa & Giles Wallrock

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